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An Irony of Co-ordinatorship

 In the midst of colossal howl of exult and reverberating round of applause, Bhutan welcomed Television in 1999 when His Majesty the King announced the overture of Television during his national address of Silver jubilee commemoration.    Back at NRTI the trainees joined the throng from the institute knowing little that such advent of technology would hardly bring least differences to the trainees. From that day, they remained looking forward for the day to proffer the television yet another welcome to NRTI.    They were full of themselves that the Television would one or other day find its way to NRTI in view of the fact that a year ago, His Majesty gifted them with a set of screen and antennae dish during his visit to the institute.    But on the grounds that they should not do away with the exceptional gift of the golden throne, they saw the cable operator going back after he connected NRTI village excluding the institute in the list. The other reason for not incepting the cable in

An Ara in Making

“Make sure you always carry the knife and cup in your pocket, one never know which you will encounter, the wine or enemy” This adage is more than an indication to illustrate that drinking is an integral part of Bhutanese Society. Drinking is more prevalent in eastern part of the country, so do people say. But almost every Bhutanese are known to relish the drinks. Farmers do drink but only to relieve the pain and labour of having worked in the field for whole day. Working people say they drink to fight work stress, wives drink to counter family tension and kids say either the mum taught them or they want to look matured or is it because they love being in the realm world the alcohol is known to transport us …so, you see no sober people. So, anyone ever wondered how is Ara, popularly known as distilled water is prepared. People just care to see that the bottle of ara (locally known as local) is placed on the table or the alcohol stand has variety of foreign drinks) However, I happened

Years in Forlorn

“In a world that we seldom understand, there are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them. Sometime, they gust with the fury of a hurricane, sometime; they barely fan one’s cheek. But the winds cannot be denied, bringing as they often do a future that is impossible to ignore”. She was the wind that I did not anticipate that will gust more strongly than I ever imagined possible. She was my destiny in which I always promised find myself solace in. Like a cautious traveler, I tried to protect myself from the wind and lost my soul instead when the wind I anticipated to be more of a fan, gusted to blew off to eternity. I was a fool to ignore the harsh destiny I have ever confronted yet, there was nothing I could have done than to be silently the victim of crooked fate. I have come to realize that she was the most important thing I have had in this world ever. February 2005, it was 6 months after we, as a couple received a child (son) into our world. We were filled with all ela

A Night to prove you deserve the Breakfast!

Anyone heading to remote Getena, four days arduous foot-walk through the immaculate and virgin forest, plague-ridden with ferocious beasts and the creature crawlies (leeches) will find themselves en route a village. No matter, how speedy strider you are, you have no option than to halt for the night in the village. If you trespass the village, the darkness fall before managing to reach to the next destination. So, you have a choice here- the comfort of atleast the ramshackle house that will shield you from the rain and the cold or the bitter backbone-hurting siesta in the cavern with clear view of the summer night sky. Looks like everyone prefer the dilapidated house and the host because everyone finds themselves in the solace of the house. The convincing and credible hospitality and generosity of the host is another one that puts brake, the passerby for the night-halt in the house that their legs refuse to make a step forward but suddenly feels the inner strength rise. The sun is a