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An honour of delivering His Majesty’s 'Soelra'

Have you ever tried, even once, to stand outside in winter for few hours? Ok, let me be more lenient. Let’s keep it for few minutes? I’m pretty sure that a minute or two out in cold would send anyone rushing back to heater or Bukhari. "Concerned that Desuups have to brace the unforgiving winter cold, His Majesty's Soelra was bestowed with supply of firewood" It so happened that when lockdown 2.0 in Bhutan was imposed due to community outbreak in December last year, the temperature was plummeting especially in Thimphu. During such time, Desuups came forward in large number in spirit of volunteerism to ensure lockdown protocols are adhered by general public. "When many people got bored locked inside their home, we were daily engaged in such tiring work" The nature of duty during such time entailed carrying out patrolling, guarding certain area, unloading of essentials, to name few. But the guarding of ‘red buildings’ I personally noticed was really challenging.

We Care, We Share] Inspiring story: “Sabji, Sabji,” – delivering vegetables during lockdown

“Everyone took vegetables for granted until the national lockdown. Until then, nobody cared to even grow a single leaf of spinach in their backyard. ‘Everything we need is readily available in vegetable markets’ is what everyone thought,” began Ugyen, continuing, “But come lockdown, first thing they found running out was the vegetables in their kitchen. Due to its short shelf life, the little they bought the earlier were exhausted too.” Ugyen Tshering volunteered to deliver vegetables to residents of Thimphu during the national lockdown in August. He serves as a Sr. Forest Ranger at Forest Resources Management Division (FRMD), Department of Forests and Park Services (DoFPS), Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF), Thimphu. The Government devised a plan to deliver vegetables to people’s doorsteps and the Thromde initially facilitated the delivery. However, with mounting orders, limited work-force and other logistical issues, the Thromde was overwhelmed. I questioned myself that if I

When the whole colony is exterminated

A 40-year old man is sitting on the improvised verandah of his ramshackle bamboo hut, basking in the sun. He appears lethargic, perhaps intoxicated by the warm winter sun. Except for occasional stir, he seems to be really relishing the sun. Nothing seems to be bothering him, not even a loud barking of a dog right near his house nor the clucking of a hen after it had laid egg. But suddenly, like a lone spotted deer spooked by lurking tiger, the man becomes ever alert, attentive and rapt. A lone Asian giant Hornet bee just buzzed by. He transfix his gaze to the bee and follows its every move. Its orange-striped body with bright orange head makes it not too hard for him to lose the sight of the bee. He is so focused with the hornet that he won’t realize stepping on a coiled snake.   "He is an expert bee hunter in the village and it’s just the kind of opportunity he was waiting for" He is an expert bee hunter in the village and it’s just the kind of opportunity he was waiting for

An unending war in Wangling battlefield

It is mid-summer and Goshing Wangling, a remote village in Zhemgang has transformed into an extraordinarily beautiful hamlet. The quaint little hamlet has turned extravagantly lush with tropical vegetation fencing the village while the inside is chock-full with different varieties of agriculture crops growing green and fresh. It is possible to literally hear the butterfly wing beat and feel the soft seasonal breeze transport to some magical land of peace and plenty far away from the crowd of modern settlements. The vista stretches far beyond the little settlements. One wonders that if Wangling can contain and give so much, what amazing wealth of floral and faunal beauty could exist between the tall, splendid mountains faraway and the vast spotless azure sky behind them.  Peace that appears to reign so abundantly in this small village, however is not absolute. Hidden behind the façade lies a chronic problem. "The Wangling farmers have to constantly face rampaging wild animals tha