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Thinley Dorji out for hunting ‘Buddha Mushroom’ in Blue pine Forests

Bumthanps in droves collects magic mushroom helping mint lots of money  All thanks to income he generates from selling Matsutake mushroom which Blue pine forests in Ura, Bumthang is endowed with, Thinley Dorji, 36 was able to put up decent roof over his head. This is in addition to the steady follow of money for educational expenses of his three school-going kids. But it is easier to be envious of such benefits than having to hear the whole lot of story behind the facade. It simply takes someone a whole lot of determinations and sacrifices in collecting the marvelous Matsutake mushroom. Thinley wakes up early, from the shed he spent his other night guarding his potato crops from wild animals. Believing that “early bird catches most worms,” he needs to be in the forests ahead of all other folks. Otherwise, what is grown will have to be shared among the parade of collectors. "Lucky for him, there was a light drizzle, the other night and Thinley heads out optimistic of the good

Are we scared to know the Truth???

Intoxicated by the lesser worth of enjoyment and indulgence in unworthy activities, we often fail to realize the real truth of being born as human. A guy in the discotheque, the rooms filled with puking sting of alcohol and the plumes of cigarettes hardly realize that even though he is right now in the higher realm, there awaits the day when he will meet an end. But he reacts to the beats of the music and pretends he is enjoying as if this is going something that will keep happening to him for all his eternal life. But, sparing a serious and in-depth thought, these are all very short-lived. "...I comforted myself with a gush of fresh autumn wind..." Leisurely baking over the morning winter sun outside the office, I comforted myself with a gush of fresh autumn wind, fresh and clean right into the depth of my tired lungs. The clear winter sun illuminated the mother earth. Far in the jungle, the deciduous trees are slowly giving way to bitter winter, shedding their leaves. The l

Change in work and the clothes I wear

I honestly want to divulge here that I've not been after the greener pasture albeit I'm presented with an opportunity to work in Capital city for that matter at the HQ of the parent Ministry. I know many – atleast those who know all about my professional background would have concluded the way I fear they'd have. This is because after serious and exhaustive contemplation, my change of workplace has even resulted in change of the major occupational group (MOG). And not necessarily hindsight of such change, it is also to do with clothes I wear. "On the lighter side, all I needed to buy was the underwear and few other undergarments" I was working with the Department of Forests & Park Services in one of its field offices spread across the Country. For the services I rendered, I was endowed with forest uniforms which includes cloth piece, jersey, jacket, shoe, beret cap and almost all that is needed to work in the hostile environment. On the lighter side, all I nee

Gredpo – Mysterious Yeti in my village

 Existence of Gredpo is more seen than believed.  Pic: Internet     “Oiii….,” comes the strange call in the dead night from the distant mountain in my village" “Oiii….,” comes the strange call in the dead night from the distant mountain in my village. “Oiii….’” goes the respond. Who could be in the mountain in such a wee hour calling? As the ‘oiii’ progresses, the one from the far-away mountain get closer and closer. Soon, the dogs join howling towards the direction. “Now stop responding, that’s Gredpo,” warns my mother. Responding the call is feared to invite him to the village, which no one wants to happen.     "Scientists might have failed to document it, but who was that, someone making that call in the dead night?" The mysterious existence of Yeti, as known to our community as Gredpo was more than a mystery. It was closer to having existed. Scientists might have failed to document it, but who was that, someone making that call in the dead night? Is it a

Pretty Woman’s Sedation

The folks might have to excuse me since the article I am putting up is about someone is familiar to me with but I did seek the kind consent of the person I am writing about. It is about her personal life, but one must agree with me that it is sometime a charm poking your nose into other’s life. "Without their father, she has to handle the responsibility of both the father and the mother" She is a widow and the mother of three children. Without their father, she has to handle the responsibility of both the father and the mother. Since she is a working woman, she finds it difficult to divide the time between her work and the children. Yet, I must say she is striving and doing very well. But behind the smile, she has deep stress, pressure and frustration. She says, "the best medicine for such trauma is in the alcohol drinks" This has resulted in the loss of sleep. Every evening she finds is really difficult to close her eyes when the trauma and pressure keeps h

One That Got Away

Dasho Doley embarked on a tour to his native village from his office in Capital. He drove his finest limousine till the road could take him and resuming the journey; he rode on a healthiest and strongest donkey. Soon after he entered the gate erected at the entrance of the village, he was escorted by a line of village girls, with a melody of ‘Tashi Lebey’ "He barely realized that it’s his 25 years memories coming back" Before actually retiring for the day, among the sweetest melodies poured forth by the dancers around the camp fire, supposed to be entertainment treat for a special and highly esteemed village guest, he thought of a man, who is supposed to be a village Gup. He was in front of the queue to offer him the welcome dhar. His familiar face, speech and the man himself left him wondering where he could have met him. He barely realized that it’s his 25 years memories coming back. The same man reappeared with a tray, with glassful champagne. He asked him to share the

On tour to the distant world

I listened tolerantly with tears in my eyes and sadness in my heart, when my associates narrated to me about the knowledge they gained, the experience accumulated and the time they enjoyed in the worlds far away from Bhutan, when they visited such worlds either sent by the government, projects or business. This was not because I am not happy here in Bhutan but I was jealous of the knowledge and experiences they gained. Is there day for me too when I can also go and collect such foreign knowledge and experiences? I wonder. Negotiating flimsy bamboo bridge Every time the metal bird of Bhutan with the mark Druk Air in its tail was on its way to and fro following its route crossing Chukha from high above, I wave safe journey and welcome back safely to Bhutan. I wonder if there is any chance for me to join this metal bird in its daily trip. Our destination is a village afar But did I barely realize that soon I was to be chosen as one nominee from Chukha to embark on study tour of Thailand

My New Found Love: - What shall thy name be???

I count myself lucky having met her one sunny day near the place I presently stay. I purely attribute it to the destiny or the fate we shared since it was the invisible string of love and passion that brought us together. None would dare to agree to believe me that she just decided to stay with me midway in Chukha in her journey to Thimphu, having consulted neither her parents nor anyone who took her care. So bold she is, is she? If ever I have been waiting for the fresh love, it was she who would give me the correct doze. "Lucky girl she is!" We have now developed so much of attachment that we can hardly think of time away from each other. We love each other so much that we eat together in same plate, sleep in one bed, go for evening walk and literally do everything together. What love is this if it is not one genuine one? The time I have to be in office is the time I miss her most while she stay at home, sleeping all day till I return home. Lucky girl she is! She eats th

Love hurts!

Every human on these earth posses the single most weakness of falling in love little realizing that it is the competent source of sorrows and unhappiness. The genuine love is undoubtly superseded by the unbearable sufferings and tortures. You don’t have to go to hell to be victim of retributions of love but you love and see that it comes to you without any prior warning. "You tend to grow highest degree of likeness and attachment" With life, you learn to love many illusive materials in this world. You love natures, sports, celebrities, parents and many more………….the list goes on. With these love, you tend to grow highest degree of likeness and attachment to certain things. But of all this, the love that grows between two opposite sex is something one must give greater attention. It must be appropriately judged before you become so much part of it. If you don’t, I am not going to take the blame. I advised you, my esteem readers. "I took the right and I had it"

Live and let other live.

Everyday, almost every front sheet of the leading broadsheet in the world is crammed up with the reports of a man mauled by bears, killed by the tigers, crushed by wild elephants, bitten by snakes, gored by Rhinoceros and many other. On the contrary, thousands of bears are killed for bile, tigers for skin and bones, elephants for tusk and Rhinoceros for horns which fetches very lucrative prizes in what people say ‘black market’. This is only reason why some animals has left the earth leaving nothing but name. The animals have grown tired of men running after them with knives, axe, poisoned arrows, guns, traps, snares and many other mechanism. So, they have resorted to run away forever from man and remain in peace from the place. "...has left the earth leaving nothing but name" The people are posing threats to the survival of animals and other creatures in this earth. The animals are sometime hunted for mere pleasures and I wonder about the people having fun with other live

Letter to My Beloved Lost so Young

In a world that I seldom understand, there are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them. Sometime, they gust with the fury of a hurricane, sometime; they barely fan one’s cheek. But the winds cannot be denied, bringing as they often do a future that is impossible to ignore.      "She was the wind I did not anticipate that will gust more strongly than I ever imagined possible" She was the wind that I did not anticipate that will gust more strongly than I ever imagined possible. She was my destiny in which I always promised find myself solace in. Like a cautious traveler, I tried to protect myself from the wind and lost my soul instead when the wind I anticipated to be more of a fan, gusted to blew off to eternity. I was a fool to ignore the harsh destiny I have ever confronted yet, there was nothing I could have done than to be silently the victim of crooked fate. I have come to realize that she was the most important thing I have had in this world.      "

More ‘breather space’ for residents in Thimphu

The residents of Thimphu, the largest town and capital city of Bhutan can breathe a sigh of relief since more recreational parks are in the offing, initiated by Nature Recreation and Ecotourism Division (NRED) under Department of Forests and park Services (DoFPS).  It has always been the concern of Thimphu residents that the concrete jungle is rapidly taking over the landscape with little or not much of attention given to development of recreational parks. DoFPS seems to be now addressing the concerns of the Thimphu populations. "has facilities such as long and short nature trails, campsite with toilet facilities, picnic spot, twelve garbage bins donated by different travel agencies"   The Kuensel Phodrang Nature Park located in proximity to Buddha point is already providing services although it is yet to be formally inaugurated. Kuensel Phodrang Nature Park, according to Kezang Dema, Forest Officer with NRED , has facilities such as long and short nature trails, campsite

Black-necked cranes arrive at Phobjikha

The first group of black-necked crane arrived at Phobjikha this morning at 10:05 AM. The first group consisted of 5 adult cranes. As per Jigme Tshering, Project Officer of Royal Society for Protection of Nature based at Phobjikha, the cranes are still flying in. "During the time of writing this article, atleast 33 cranes have already arrived at their winter roosting ground and some more are still flying in"   During the time of writing this article, atleast 33 cranes have already arrived at their winter roosting ground and some more are still flying in. According to RSPN official at Phobjikha, they’re keeping the close watch over their arrivals. He added that the cranes will keeping pouring in till the month of December. RSPN will be recording the cranes and maintain the weekly count till all of them have arrived. “We heard the crane trumpet in proximity to our office this morning and when we went out to check it out, we saw seven of them in the field,”   In the telephone

“For birds have sung, why not listen”

As a part of a humble and fitting tribute to the celebration of Royal Wedding of His Majesty the King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck and the Royal Bride Jetsun Pema, Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment (UWICE) released “Bird Songs of Bhutan” today. Gracing the launch this morning the Hon’ble Minister for Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, His Excellency, Lyonpo (Dr.) Pema Gyamtsho said, “this is an appropriate tribute to celebrate the Royal Wedding.” Hon’ble Lyonpo added that it will inspire students to listen and respond to the calls of nature. He hoped that such initiative help the young leaders of the Country become biologist, bird watchers and lovers, who in future work as conservationist and professionals. “Birds have sung for eons. This digital publication of “Bird Songs of Bhutan” which is the result of 11 years of recording from all corners of Bhutan will enable their songs to become immortal,” states the short synopsis that comes with the DVD. Th

Few words before I leave

I am done all packing, the furniture are all wrapped with newspaper, the clothes in beddings, the kitchen utensils in cartoons, Electronic gadgets in their cases, I am all geared up to move this Sunday. But I have always felt that it is not justifiable enough to leave before having to leave few words to the place I have lived many years. I do not know what the weather be like, rain has already come, if I am lucky the sun shine may accompany me, but I do not alter the planned expedition. I should have been gone long time back and I am going anyway. "But time has now come to leave behind and walk to the strange land in the east" If I have been in Chhukha for so long, it is because the place gave me the reason to live. The place had it embedded in all its corners the episodes of the life I have lived be it happy or otherwise. The building we lived together, the roads we drove and walked, the market we visited, the offices we attended each has a tale galore to tell. Although she

In The Land of Leeches

Summer gives way to the rains, which invokes all nature’s magic. It alarms its approaching with first doorbell rainfall. Then one cannot help the bare trees getting green and soon one witnesses the hues and colours of natures right under the nose. Everybody welcomes summer, the best of all four seasons next to spring. "Summer is the time for the trees to put on new and fresh attires" The summer brings an end to the dead winter, to the season of the time when all inhabitants on earth are purely hibernating. The plants welcome the time of quenching thirst with incessant rains. It is also the time for the trees to put on new and fresh attires. But when every single creature waits summer, people in Chukha prepare themselves to face another fight to conserve their blood against the inching creatures. Summer for us is a curse from god in heaven. We have our own reason to blame every approaching summer. With trees and grasses coming back to life, the common nuisance creature in Ch

My Mum’s Interpretation of Fame

Who don’t want to become famous? Given the choice, every human being would like to be more famous than the famous person in the world. Some even sacrifice their lives so that they can leave behind their name and be remembered after they die. Few work till the last once of energy so that they are recognized by folks far and near. "Either you do something extra-ordinary like Mother Teresa or murder millions like Hitler did" They do all they could to earn fame and become celebrity. But there are basically two ways to making yourselves in the history. Either you do something extra-ordinary like Mother Teresa or murder millions like Hitler did. Neither way, you’ll be remembered by the upcoming generations. But back home, my mother has her own way of interpreting the fame. Even to the least extreme that her son is a civil servant, she says some people will be gossiping about me, bad or good. These, she says will accumulate and bring in bad luck and misfortune. She has her own

Ice (coffee) breaker

Ap Phuntsho Wangdi with his wife and house in the background While others of his kind want to wait before jumping into it, 56 years old farmer Phuntsho Wangdi of Sipsoo has already broken the ice of Community Participation in Coffee plantation. With inaugural plantation graced by Dasho Sherub Gyaltshen, Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, eleven seedlings were planted on the day itself.   “It is the likeliness of more income in future that enticed me straight into it,” Ap Phuntsho unveiled in an interview. The location of his land in proximity to the mass bean plantation by Samden group is also another bonus for him. Samden Group has also rendered all supports to him. He was provided with free seedlings from the Nursery. He was also imparted with adequate training and practical on such plantations. It is also aimed at integrating and mainstreaming more farmers into coffee plantation. The model of the project to be implemented in Public-private Partnership calls for

A Coffee Brake

The animal is known by many names such as tuskers, Jumbos, giants and elephants. But for people in the south, they’re known by only one name – the marauder. Come summer, when their hard labour of working in the incessant rain and sweltering sun is in the crux of its fruition, the so-called marauder appear from the nearest bushes to claim their share.   Their unwelcome visits are evident from the fallen banana plants, leaning areca nut trees, crumbled huts, gaping holes on the walls and sometime even causing injuries to the residents. In every visit, they normally leave behind trail of destructions. “The herd recently paid their demolition visit in our village,”   “The herd recently paid their demolition visit in our village,” said Leeladha, a 48 years old pointing to big gaping hole in the walls of his one-storey house adding “there is hardly anything we can do because it is risky to our lives.” They come in herds and people normally drive them away by teaming up with the forest perso

What does Coffee mean for You(th)?

Coffee for youth in Samtse means a serious business. This was evident atleast from questions they showered, one after another to the stakeholders during their interaction session. Led by Hon’ble Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, the stakeholders present during the launch of coffee plantation took time to interact with the students of Peljorling Middle Secondary School, Sipsoo in Samtse. “Why are we planting coffee?” The students proved knowledgeable when they responded brilliantly to the first question asked, “Why are we planting coffee?” They said, coffee plantation will help develop and keep our country green. All thanks to the public-private partnership commercial coffee project which is in full swing in the locality. Youths in Samtse seems pro-coffee. Having broken the ice, the students took no time to stand up in droves to raise range of questions pertaining to coffee. They wanted to know every bit and detail of coffee in addition to what they already know. Are t

India Sweeps Bhutan, No more the Hot News

Suraj sweeps   Here is the job of nobody’s choice atleast with Bhutanese youth but for Mr. Suraj, a man in 30s, from our neighbour country India, the broom he carries to work everyday is his god, which helps him feeds himself and his families.  He is almost a decade into the job yet he shares all his unfailing interest for the job. Given the privilege, he would even love to make the job hereditary, to pass on to his children and grandchildren. His duty includes cleaning toilets, sweeping offices, parking space and any place that looks dirty atleast in his area of his rule. Despite this, unemployment remains the unsolved problem for Bhutan. It has reached to the point that the word itself is no more a foreign words particularly for the Bhutanese youths. Today, many youths either complete their schools or drop out midway only to indulge in the alcohol and drugs. If asked the reason, everyone would say, “I am demoralized, I didn’t get employed. So, I am into the realm”. Howzzat sup

A goat with another pair of pendulum Ear!!!

  An extra pair of flesh bell but no ting…ting                 It is a goat hanging another pair of ears below the neck. The goat has been encountered at Sadhumadhu in the boundary of Lochina and Phunstholing Geog. From the spectacle of the people who never saw such a beast, one would wonder what and why is such deformation in a goat. The same ran over my mind the time I saw it. "From the spectacle of the people who never saw such a beast" The local has to say that this is nothing unusual since this is common in the area. Such elongation of flesh in a goat beneath the neck is considered as nothing to be surprised as local or for that matter the owner explains. This fleshy bell or otherwise a pair antennae-like is found among the whole family of that goat. Interested, I took a cautious step closer to pay a radical scrutiny. Feeling it with the fingers, I found it is soft and skinny like any other parts of the body. But what purpose it is supposed to serve for the goat

The 2nd batch study tour group on Community Forests returns from Nepal

A 25-member group returned from Community Forests study tour at Nepal comprising of team leader from Social Forestry Division, Gewog Forestry Extension Officers (GFEOs), Community Forestry Management Groups (CFMGs) from Dzongkhags and representatives from the territorial divisions. The study visit was aimed to expose the participants to participatory extension in community forestry focusing on; community forest management and CF based enterprise development, NWFP processing and marketing and pro-poor income generation and sharing of costs and benefits in CFMGs.   Upon return, the team in their debriefings to the sponsors and the organizers expressed their astonishment over new ideas and insights gained from the study tour. They presented that they were fascinated by concepts of leasehold forestry concepts, FECOFUN(Federation of Community Forest User’s Nepal), 3 P model (Public-Private Partnership), bamboo and briquette enterprises, to mention few, which can be replicated in our Countr