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Agro-weaving – Blended Farming system unique to Lhuentse

Kushuthara - Every woman's  prized  possession Most of the people in Lhuentse Dzongkhag are predominantly of agriculturalist by nature. The Dzongkhag has the suitable climatic condition for practicing the farming of of all “Dru-na-gu”. However, encouraged by the fertile land with good irrigation facilities, most of the people are into wetland cultivations which make Lhuentse an envied Dzongkhag for producing rice. Lhuentse as one of the rice producing district in the Country contributes unprecedentedly towards realizing the food self-sufficiency of the Country. However, these agriculture farming  keeps them bogged down only in summer during the time when water for that matters rains are aplenty. Come winter, there is not much works around. Contrarily when farmers in other parts of the Country are relaxing, farmers in Lhuentse have always kept themselves productively engaged. They busy themselves in winter involving themselves full heartedly in off-farm activities which mainly

A cold welcome to my new workplace

Thimphu- carpeted in white sheet Contradictorily, I had a cold welcome to my new place of work. Everyone on a change of their workplace would expect a warm welcome where your new boss and colleagues receives you with a broad smile. This is important when you are introduced to the world you’ve not experienced before, where your new boss and the colleagues are all strangers for atleast now. With excitement brimming in my heart, I ventured to the capital city – Thimphu from my remote place in Lhuentse – my previous station. This is supposed to be a major change in my career since it is a complete change from running after trees to running after people. Journey itself was full of challenges when I had to cross many passes – the highest mountain point. Youngkola, Thrumshingla, Kikila, Yotongla, Pelela, Dochula and after sometime I even lost the count of these so-called “la” crossings. But I am glad I could make in one big piece. February the 17 th of 2011, I was all prepared to joi