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Like finding grain in the stack of hay

Ever tried looking a single grain inside that giant heap of hay? I personally cannot imagine even thinking of the job. I would rather opt to dig a whole field than doing that. Finding rental apartments in Thimphu is no better. Climb to the strategic point of the capital city and scan the horizon, you’ll see that the city is the concrete jungle. The buildings of different makes and models remain crammed within the permitted space of the area. Going by such deceptive look of the town, any first timers would think there are enough space for people of whole Bhutan. Bhutan has a mere population of the little less than 700,000. But the reality in Thimphu is much harsher than it looks. A decent roof over head to shield from sun and rain is every human’s necessity. I would choose pitching a tent or putting up in a temporary makeshift if permitted by the nature’s law. But there is not much of choice offered around. Thimphu is gateway to bliss. Is it? With my coming to Thimphu on transfer

Living and Leaving Lhuentse: My short stint in place of seated pigeon

“Every Meeting must end in Departure” there is no denying of the statement. Just when I’m getting to know the people around and put myself in their shoes, here is another call from the destiny – that I must again venture into the destiny yet unknown. Perhaps this time around, it is in my favour. I won’t say I am after the greener pasture but it is too good an opportunity to deny for me. Moreover, the mandate is more into tune of my interest and potential. Nonetheless, bidding adieu is one tough job for everyone when the moment is flooded with emotions. But ‘I am turning my heels to the place’ is the truth an undeniable one. The first time I was transferred to Lhuentse, I was trounced by the strange feeling of being banished to exile. This is because the place to me merely denoted of remoteness, some odd five hundred kilometers east of the Capital city – Thimphu. It proved right when I confronted 2 days strenuous drive to reach the place. The road got narrower, the mountain higher an