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Buddhist Object of Veneration and Reverence

Bhutan is a Buddhist country where dharma flourishes lavishly. The numerous temples and chortens spread around the nooks and cranny of the country is evident enough. These structures houses many stories of the past buried and bounded inside the four corners of the stone walls. Few have dared to peep inside and bring back the past to the present. On my one of tour to remote place, I happen to catch the image of such Buddhist architecture. Hence, I am giving my hand in trying to reveal what it actually is. But readers might have to strict to the limitation that this is nothing of the accepted description since I am not an expert in it. It is just my own perception, those out of what I read and heard say about Chorten. Chorten (Stupa) is believed to be one of the earliest forms of Buddhist architecture. In Bhuddhism, the body (Ku), Speech (Sung) and Mind (Thug) are considered as primary component of what the human being is made of. The chorten represents the minds of those enlightened o

Better use of what is unusable

“Desire is unlimited but the resources are limited” from what I have been taught at my high school. Given the choice, every individual would prefer to own everything in this world. How greedy are we? But the economists have intervened in the right time and have suggested that judicious use of resources is how we can make sure it meets present demand keeping it available for future generations. So, how many of you have thought of better idea as to what use the old pair shoe can be of? As the skin of the shoes starts peeling off revealing the inner self, everyone would remark, “It is time I dump it in the bin and contemplate a brand new pair of shoe”. One would instantly forget how much that old pair has served warming our feet in the winter, the ground it has traversed. So, is it the bin that it deserves at the end? I do not know how many would agree to believe me with the fact that every pair of shoe is the life of animal because it is the skin of the animal that the shoe is made of.

What when sun set real in life

In my childhood, the setting of the sun used to be the biggest wonder. I would wonder how such big firewall would get under the soil (that’s how it looked like when the sun went behind the mountain). And the same has been substantiated by the words of my mother. Now I realized the answer would have been more scientific if my mother was literate. But don’t worry, I now know that the earth is oval in shape and the earth revolves around the sun (solar system). But traditionally, it is believed that the sun orbits around the earth and people in the villages would still argue if one happens to tell them the truth. The sun is one important element of life among the Jungwa Zhi (with soil, water, Air as other three) considered essential for sustenance of life on earth. It provides the solar energy such as light, warmth and most important of all the photosynthesis of trees and plants, making oxygen available for breathing. And here I happened to capture the image of sun when it is just about

Ap Sambha Legend continues

If early birds are supposed to catch most worms, exclude me for it is also the early birds who get caught. Weekends especially provide me enough time to oversleep. Batsman & Robin on Zee Studio kept me enchanted last Saturday night followed by Shanghai Knights. So, I was almost into late silent night nothing but the sounds of goods fighting over evils. It is always the good that win over evils. It was a silent night so unusual of the busy Thimphu-Phuntsholing national highway. Is it the road block at Takti? But not even a car whizzed. Everything must be in slumber for no doubt the night was aged enough. But not everyone is asleep. I am still awake watching late night shows. From no where in the silent night came familiar tone of old rugged Nepali song. I tried tracing the noise and it definitely is from outside. I wide opened the window and popped out my head and pair of antennae. For no doubt, it is the ‘ruler of Chhukha night’ Ap Sambha, a national workforce member returning fro

A Rural Story

Having been to the place several times, I took the opportunity to learn a bit of its history. Metakha-at first the name denoted me nothing more than just simply the name as with any other names. It could certainly sound a greek to first timer as it did the first time with me but I have picked up the spelling and the pronunciation. I caught over a man, a porter to me. When we are walking, talking such leisure chat is known to save the fatigue. Hence, in my quest as well to know about the place, I asked him to narrate me the brief history of the place we were heading that day. He started about how the place got its name-METAKHA “In the time immemorial,” he commenced. The place served as the migratory route for people from Paro. Come winter, the people would head down to Phuntsholing for their warmer habitat. When Paro got dry in winter, the warmer place further south provided their cattle and horses enough forage. This people are known to have two houses, one in the south and other in