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Thinley Dorji out for hunting ‘Buddha Mushroom’ in Blue pine Forests

Bumthanps in droves collects magic mushroom helping mint lots of money  All thanks to income he generates from selling Matsutake mushroom which Blue pine forests in Ura, Bumthang is endowed with, Thinley Dorji, 36 was able to put up decent roof over his head. This is in addition to the steady follow of money for educational expenses of his three school-going kids. But it is easier to be envious of such benefits than having to hear the whole lot of story behind the facade. It simply takes someone a whole lot of determinations and sacrifices in collecting the marvelous Matsutake mushroom. Thinley wakes up early, from the shed he spent his other night guarding his potato crops from wild animals. Believing that “early bird catches most worms,” he needs to be in the forests ahead of all other folks. Otherwise, what is grown will have to be shared among the parade of collectors. "Lucky for him, there was a light drizzle, the other night and Thinley heads out optimistic of the good

Are we scared to know the Truth???

Intoxicated by the lesser worth of enjoyment and indulgence in unworthy activities, we often fail to realize the real truth of being born as human. A guy in the discotheque, the rooms filled with puking sting of alcohol and the plumes of cigarettes hardly realize that even though he is right now in the higher realm, there awaits the day when he will meet an end. But he reacts to the beats of the music and pretends he is enjoying as if this is going something that will keep happening to him for all his eternal life. But, sparing a serious and in-depth thought, these are all very short-lived. "...I comforted myself with a gush of fresh autumn wind..." Leisurely baking over the morning winter sun outside the office, I comforted myself with a gush of fresh autumn wind, fresh and clean right into the depth of my tired lungs. The clear winter sun illuminated the mother earth. Far in the jungle, the deciduous trees are slowly giving way to bitter winter, shedding their leaves. The l

Change in work and the clothes I wear

I honestly want to divulge here that I've not been after the greener pasture albeit I'm presented with an opportunity to work in Capital city for that matter at the HQ of the parent Ministry. I know many – atleast those who know all about my professional background would have concluded the way I fear they'd have. This is because after serious and exhaustive contemplation, my change of workplace has even resulted in change of the major occupational group (MOG). And not necessarily hindsight of such change, it is also to do with clothes I wear. "On the lighter side, all I needed to buy was the underwear and few other undergarments" I was working with the Department of Forests & Park Services in one of its field offices spread across the Country. For the services I rendered, I was endowed with forest uniforms which includes cloth piece, jersey, jacket, shoe, beret cap and almost all that is needed to work in the hostile environment. On the lighter side, all I nee

Gredpo – Mysterious Yeti in my village

 Existence of Gredpo is more seen than believed.  Pic: Internet     “Oiii….,” comes the strange call in the dead night from the distant mountain in my village" “Oiii….,” comes the strange call in the dead night from the distant mountain in my village. “Oiii….’” goes the respond. Who could be in the mountain in such a wee hour calling? As the ‘oiii’ progresses, the one from the far-away mountain get closer and closer. Soon, the dogs join howling towards the direction. “Now stop responding, that’s Gredpo,” warns my mother. Responding the call is feared to invite him to the village, which no one wants to happen.     "Scientists might have failed to document it, but who was that, someone making that call in the dead night?" The mysterious existence of Yeti, as known to our community as Gredpo was more than a mystery. It was closer to having existed. Scientists might have failed to document it, but who was that, someone making that call in the dead night? Is it a