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Gredpo – Mysterious Yeti in my village

 Existence of Gredpo is more seen than believed. Pic: Internet 

“Oiii….,” comes the strange call in the dead night from the distant mountain in my village"

“Oiii….,” comes the strange call in the dead night from the distant mountain in my village. “Oiii….’” goes the respond. Who could be in the mountain in such a wee hour calling? As the ‘oiii’ progresses, the one from the far-away mountain get closer and closer. Soon, the dogs join howling towards the direction. “Now stop responding, that’s Gredpo,” warns my mother. Responding the call is feared to invite him to the village, which no one wants to happen.    

"Scientists might have failed to document it, but who was that, someone making that call in the dead night?"

The mysterious existence of Yeti, as known to our community as Gredpo was more than a mystery. It was closer to having existed. Scientists might have failed to document it, but who was that, someone making that call in the dead night? Is it a traveler lost his bearing? And how many nights can traveler get lost when such calls would come every other night?

For the village elders, Gredpo is more than mere imagination of a being existence in the big forests. For those, who claim to have encountered them face to face while venturing into the deepest of the forests, it is a giant creature walking on two feet, covered in thick fur, fangs jutting out from the mouth, wearing long claws on the feet.

Ap Pema of Goshing Wangling clearly remembers the day when he was out to collect thatch roof materials for reroofing his house. He was more into the collection of the thatch least expecting that the forests belongs to someone.

"...there surely was someone watching him closely, his gaze pinned at him."

Combined with the sound he made himself cutting down the plant, there surely was someone watching him closely, his gaze pinned at him. He didn’t care to be bothered by such feeling for he needs to collect enough materials for the day to be carried home.

Then, from the corner of his eye, he could see a dark black figure among the shadows of the thick jungle. He scanned forests in the direction only to realize that it is a Migoe. He remained ever calm and slowly slipped home.

"Many share such similar stories"

Such stories are told in the evening, around the fire by the glowing embers. He is not only the one to have crossed their path with the Yeti. Many share the similar stories. The evidences one encounter of bamboo uprooted and both end eaten, the big footprint matching none of the creatures in the forests, big braches of the trees plucked are too good to ignore.

Footprint too big for any forests creature  if not for Gredpo Pic: Internet
 However, with development   seeping in, lesser of such stories   are heard. There  are now few   people who would share  of  the   encounter. This may be the   indication that the big-foot creatures  are  shying away, seeking refuge in the  deeper forests, away from all hustle and  bustle.

 But given the too many of such closer  stumble upon the creature, there is no  denying that, given the equipment and  devices at their disposal, one of the  community members would have even documented them. If not feared for the misfortune it brings with, Gredpo sure exist for the people in that community.                     


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