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A goat with another pair of pendulum Ear!!!

  An extra pair of flesh bell but no ting…ting               
It is a goat hanging another pair of ears below the neck. The goat has been encountered at Sadhumadhu in the boundary of Lochina and Phunstholing Geog. From the spectacle of the people who never saw such a beast, one would wonder what and why is such deformation in a goat. The same ran over my mind the time I saw it.

"From the spectacle of the people who never saw such a beast"

The local has to say that this is nothing unusual since this is common in the area. Such elongation of flesh in a goat beneath the neck is considered as nothing to be surprised as local or for that matter the owner explains. This fleshy bell or otherwise a pair antennae-like is found among the whole family of that goat. Interested, I took a cautious step closer to pay a radical scrutiny. Feeling it with the fingers, I found it is soft and skinny like any other parts of the body. But what purpose it is supposed to serve for the goat?

"This fleshy bell or otherwise a pair antennae-like is found among the whole family of that goat"

As the picture might explain, it is some sort of stretched pair of goiter or for that matter a pendulum goiter. It is the size of a small finger of the human and might measure 5 cms at the normal length. But if you hold it by the end and stretch it, it elongates like an elastic rubber and increase by almost 3 cms. The acute pulling might cause some faint pain. Otherwise, the goat appears to accept such deformation causing no problem in leading their normal life.

Interrogating the man as to how ever did such creature come into existence, the owner has to say that he has been rearing the goat for many years. One time a female goat got impregnated and delivered single kid. To every one’s surprised, they noticed such flesh elongation in it but took it easy since they sense nothing mischief or notorious in it. They accepted it as parts of the any other goat’s body such as legs, head, teat and more. Then the generation followed that every siblings following goats borne, they came with it. At the time of this finding, the goat is into the third generation and such pendulum followed thereafter.

"This is all what the owner could define such deformation as and for me to the capacity as nothing expert in it or otherwise a scientist, I succumbed to blindfolded satisfaction to what he explained me"

However, deep beneath it, there should certainly be some truth in it since such goats with four ears are rarely found and if not, never recorded in the world. Science may explain this as some deformation of the genes but it definitely deserves a serious study.

So, those aspiring to become animal scientist, here is an opportunity!!! Rush fast, stocks are limited…..!!!


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