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Full circle life

From the time of birth, we are all born alone in this world and so must go alone after the death with exception to those twins born together. But although they are born together, they never die together. Yet, during the time of stay here in this world we all tend to succumb to the fact that we are always in the hunt for friends and other people to live with. Is it because we are scared to live alone?

"Is it because we are scared to live alone?"

From the time we are born, we live with our parents learning to live under their warm and cozy protection, yet once we are matured enough, we bear our own wings and fly away to live in our own world seeking our own destiny. It is here that one find the boredom suppressing you when you live all alone as bachelor.

After my completion of my formal training, I lived as a bachelor for almost 2 years and it is at this time that I have confronted the life of complete freedom yet with boredom. The experience of those couple of single life has been of no charm. With no one to talk with, one finds the mouth shut and the breath stings. And if you are lucky enough to have a Television set, you can atleast hear someone talk in the idiot box. 

"The empty room files no complaints but has to go to sleep empty stomach"

And back in the kitchen, one finds no sign of cooking and the laundry is something next to cooking. This dull life drives you out of home to keep yourself glued to the market and playing snooker is one way killing the life. Here in the snooker room, we find lots of congregation. But, before you realize and when it is the last game you are playing, it is already 1:00 AM. The empty room files no complaints but has to go to sleep empty stomach.  

Yet, such life doesn’t last long. Having come to hate this life, I started looking for the avenues to depart myself from this ugly life. And as the destiny has it, I married a lady finally bidding adieu to bachelorship. Now, I am responsible man. I drive directly from office to home to enjoy a hot steaming suja prepared by my wife. The meals are served at the right time and clothes are all washed. 

"After a year and half time of marriage, the cruel death snatched from me someone I have promised to live the life"

The clothes are swapped very day, now that I have enough clean clothes of my choice to wear for the day. I told myself, if this is life I can enjoy, I am willing to nurture it to the fullest. The snooker room is long forgotten. But poor me, the charming life didn’t last long for me. After a year and half time of marriage, the cruel death snatched from me someone I have promised to live the life.

Then I am back to same life I started with. During the time, we were together; we always thought we are going to be there for ourselves for all time to come. We never considered that the cruel force of life and death will punish us. But once she embarked on an immortal tour, I found myself all alone again.

"I have again the same empty room awaiting me for my return from late night tour to market"

I have again the same empty room awaiting me for my return from late night tour to market. I am readmitted to the snooker room and spend most of my time among the prowls. No matter how much my stomach growls, I have no zest to cook. This completes the full circle of my life but as the destiny has it, I am accepting it with my full courage. I only hope that I do not have to confront another circle. God Help Me!!!


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